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A Sense of Belonging

During a recent conversation with a peer, the discussion arose concerning belonging and inclusion. When inner childhood scars come to the surface, they can be hurtful at times!

Remembering previous episodes that were not pleasant could be our constant companion. We have to work hard to resolve these negative thoughts, and one pathway is to let those memories go and move on.

We have all had experiences of feeling left out, some caused by our own "take" on a situation where we chose to stay away from inclusion.

Other times we might have been affected by the disheartening and mean actions of people in our midst.

As we have matured, the mere fact of having faith in ourselves and God produces positive feelings about ourselves. There is a constant need to soothe our souls. This is a magnet for people who desire to feel the way we do.

Rather than concentrating on the negative thought of exclusion, we should concentrate on working on the positive effects of inclusion. One end result of this introspection might be a lift in our self-esteem.

Fill yourself with love for you and God. You will feel better as time goes on if you continue to examine your inner self and generate the feeling you deserve to belong. Let's let go and experience life to the fullest!

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