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Catching the Spirit

Have you ever wondered about the depth of your faith and why you feel the way you do about your belief system? Our feelings and emotions can determine how we construct our world. Topics such as friendship, self-esteem, gratitude, kindness and compassion, ethics and morals are a few of the themes that will be posted. Please join me on a regular basis for some insight into the spiritual realm.

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Starting out the day, I always say a prayer of thanks to God and ask that I be allowed to do my best. "Please come through me so that I can do my best," I say each morning. Extending my arms upwa

In middle school science we learned to form an hypothesis for experiments. This exercise included rules of investigation concerning a supposition and was usually a shared activity with other students.

During a recent conversation with a peer, the discussion arose concerning belonging and inclusion. When inner childhood scars come to the surface, they can be hurtful at times! Remembering previous e

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