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Does Kindness Have to be Elusive?

Starting out the day, I always say a prayer of thanks to God and ask that I be allowed to do my best. "Please come through me so that I can do my best," I say each morning. Extending my arms upward while standing tall, I feel closer to God. Closing my eyes I feel confident that my prayer will be answered. As the day progresses I watch others and witness acts of kindness that come my way or someone else's. This is the greatest feeling. It is called being a "participant observer" in the anthropological world when it happens to someone else. I enjoy seeing someone who perhaps pays for the person in back of him at Starbucks at the drive-thru or someone who picks up a piece of paper and returns it to some other person who did not realize they had dropped it. Someone I live with returns several grocery carts to the store as he is entering to buy his own groceries. Speaking for myself, I tutor a gentleman who never learned to read, but wants to get his driver's license. It is not a burden at all for me, but a reason to help someone else. How little time does it take to be kind and thoughtful of others when the situation calls for it? The act of kindness can be a reward in itself...that of feeling good inside and often times the reward can also be a smile or the words "thank you".

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