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God's love, then Self-love

Updated: Jul 2

The inspiration for this blog comes from a painting a friend did for me. When I showed her the picture in a magazine, she was able to paint the essence of the photograph. A stylized woman with hearts for her hair and earrings made of hearts reminded me of self-love. The gradual transition from God's love to self-love is evident in the young woman's face. Her contentment and serenity are easily seen on her countenance. The apparent closing of the eyes uplifted at the outer corners and a smile like the Mona Lisa are indicators that this woman has found inner peace. Many times in our lives, we need to close our eyes and feel God's love. Then without self-doubt we can feel our inner spirit filled with self-love. Try closing your eyes and imagine how happy you can be with yourself. It will only take you a few seconds and hopefully that will be time well spent.

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