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How Well Do We Know Ourselves

In middle school science we learned to form an hypothesis for experiments.

This exercise included rules of investigation concerning a supposition and was usually a shared activity with other students.

If you were to form an hypothesis about yourself, what is the first thing you could propose?

Supposing our self-worth could be evaluated, could we choose from a range of 1 to 10 to rate our self-worth? What other kinds of measurements could be included in our research?

Perhaps a range measuring selflessness, knowledge concerning the depth of our wisdom in making decisions, our ability to be a good and trusted friend, and many other positive human attributes could be conjured up in our imagination. To improve our self-esteem, this exercise in getting to know ourselves cannot be overrated. An hypothesis can be proven with a scientific approach to learn about our inner selves. We are not looking for perfection or 100%

conviction. Our ability to gain wisdom about our worthiness is beyond measure .

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