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The Power of Being Charitable

In the last two months, I have attended two memorial services for people who gave so much to their community. The memorials were attended by friends, family, and acquaintances who profited from coming in contact with the deceased. Everyone involved gained knowledge and friendship from the memorialized ones. They were leaders and gave of themselves for the benefit of others.

Service to others is the key ingredient to life's recipe.

What kind of life goals have you set for yourself? Do they include the desire to assist others and offer sincere friendship to those outside your immediate circle?

Find it in your heart to think outside the box; that is, to think beyond your needs and wants.

When we are young and focused on ourselves, we are inclined to be egocentric. The adult attitude develops after some growing pains, and hopefully the focus changes to sharing our better selves with others.

We can reap the rewards of happiness and satisfaction when we put ourselves second.

Seek a mature way of giving of yourself. You won't be disappointed.

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